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What Motivates You?

I’m sure you have an answer for what motivates you! For some it’s a simple answer — money. For others it’s being helpful or making a contribution to others. A few others might admit they’re motivated by power and control. 

But is it that simple? 

Maybe you’re one of those people who says, “It depends.”


Motivation, Drive and Desire — Aren’t They All the Same?

At a high level, probably so. 

Desire is a common element in motivation. 

But what about things we’re motivated to do that we have little or no desire for, like getting up to feed a baby at 2am? Or perhaps charging into battle, risking your life even though you don’t want to — what motivates someone to do that? 

Maybe motivation is more than just desire…


Desire + Beliefs + Will = Motivation

We can all agree that you will be motivated to do something to get what you want, at least to some degree. 

Desire definitely plays a part. 

What you believe is also important. 

If you believe eating healthy and exercise gives you more energy and a better looking body, you’ll probably be more motivated to do that. Sometimes you simply will yourself to do something, strong desire or not, right or wrong, you’ve got to do it, and that’s motivation enough.

I’ve noticed that when all three work together, motivation is usually high. Subtract one or two and you can still be motivated, but not so intensely. But with none of these (or only one, weakly felt) — good luck!


What Really Matters

We’re motivated to do what really matters to us. That may change depending on the circumstances or where we are in life. When you’re younger, some things are so important to you which later fade into irrelevance.

It’s really a useful exercise to look deeper and answer for yourself: what motivates me, when and why? 

You will probably get clearer on your values and priorities. Motivation is like food for the body. We run further and harder when we have it working for us.

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