Coaching is a rigorous and effective way to grow yourself and your leadership. It’s also filled with paradox.

You may be looking for a way to accelerate your own development. To do that, your coach may slow you down.

Many leaders are looking for better results. Getting results is not often a linear process though. Reaching directly for the desired result sometimes means you need to look at the source of your results. 

Another example of that is problem solving. Analyzing a problem and its causes is the typical first step of problem solving, but a paradoxical (and effective) alternative is to adopt a solution focused mindset instead of doing a deep dive on the problem.  

Want to discover or learn more about your blind spots or the beliefs holding you back? In order to find them, we might use neuroscience to look inside your own brain. We might look at your family system or at your overall emotional intelligence as other alternatives. These are just a few of the paradoxes we specialize in when people come to us looking for a way to grow beyond their current limits.

Instead of trying to persuade you about our approach to coaching, our intention is something else. We want to dissuade or re-direct everyone but the person who is serious about doing the work necessary to reinvent themself.

Yes, coaching is work. The paradox is: you as the client are the one doing the hard work, and the better your coach is, the less they have to prove or try to do.

What Kind of Coaching is This?

Some coaching is for skill development. That’s pretty common in athletic endeavors. 

Life coaching is for working on areas of your personal life, beliefs or relationships. It comes in many flavors and varieties!

Other kinds like group coaching are for learning together and perhaps bonding. We offer some of those types of groups at Leadskill.

Executive coaching is a personalized, individual coaching engagement with someone who will bring out your best, your “A” game as a leader. This is something we specialize in, either using assessments, planning processes or working on mindset.

A good coach will ask you good questions, and the cumulative effect of getting good coaching is you will start asking better questions as a regular habit.

Here is What it Is

We’re offering the ultimate customized, personalized service for people who are asking for a lot. Your coaching probably won’t look like someone else’s. A good coach knows how to calibrate and customize the conversation in a way that helps you move forward. 

Coaching happens in powerful conversations. You won’t get all your questions answered. But the most important questions take center stage, and in order for that to happen, you have to start the conversation.

If this is you, reach out to us to set up your first conversation and we’ll guide you to what best suits you  (even if it’s not working with us).  When we’re doing what we do best, and it helps you to be your best, we all win.

If this is not you, thanks for visiting! Keep us in mind for that person you know who is looking for this kind of an experience.