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The emotions wheel

The feelings wheel is a powerful tool for naming your emotions. I wasn’t satisfied with any of the existing versions of the wheel available when I started a deep dive into this tool, so I invented my own.

The basic 8 emotions are based on Robert Plutchik’s research and I elaborated the wheel to give more language for what we’re feeling. 

I have a separate playlist for the core emotions on my Youtube channel. The playlist I’ve linked to here goes a little deeper into the feelings wheel and demonstrates the Naming Feelings wheel (48 emotions) and the full Feelings Wheel (128 emotions) that I developed. You can also find products based on these models in our shop.

Emotional intelligence in leadership

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a fascinating field of its own, and I think it’s essential for leaders to become students and expert users of emotional intelligence. 

To that end, this playlist takes you through several important concepts that a leader needs to know and put into practice to be effective.

Working with emotions

This series on Working with Emotions devotes one video to each of the core 8 emotions and discusses the core concept and some of the other feelings in that particular “family” of emotions.

Lots of learning here, and I hope it helps you develop your emotional literacy and emotional intelligence!