DISC is a tool that describes HOW people get things done. The DISC assessment is the most widely used behavioral tool on the market. In fact, leaders around the world use it to strengthen teamwork and align people with different communication styles.

How does it do this? DISC makes the mysterious parts of behavior visible and discussable. For example, when teams can describe behavior accurately without bias, they gain empathy and understanding grows. The result?  Teams unlock new levels of high-performance.

Behavior is universal, so why not use a language that is universal to describe it?

How do YOU like to get things done? Some people are forceful and direct, while others are careful and precise. Perhaps you prefer a workplace that’s predictable or a style that’s friendly and outgoing. In any case, you’ll find winners using ALL of these styles. Moreover, high-performing teams value behavioral diversity instead of expecting universal sameness. 

One behavioral model with many competing tools

DISC is actually a model of behavior. No surprise then that several different competing tools claim to capture insights from this model accurately. In practice, however, not all “DISC” tools are equal–or equally valid and robust. It’s not hard to find free or low-cost versions of DISC with outdated or inaccurate language and questionable data readouts.

TTI Success Insights was the first in the market to offer DISC in a computerized version when all other versions of the test were paper-based. That was back in the 1980’s! They also led the way in graph-reading and group readouts using the innovative wheel graphic. 

TTI translated DISC into over 30 languages and demonstrated this is truly a universal language of behavioral description. Moreover, they are the only provider of DISC assessments  that generates 384 uniquely different reports, and they customize reports for leadership, sales teams and individuals.  TTI conducts ongoing research and does global validation every year. Combine this with their innovative technology and you get the most accurate results from any DISC assessment available on the market.  

DISC is Serious Fun!

Some tools in the workplace are built on psychometric instruments that aim for clinical accuracy. And that’s fine if you work in a clinic. TTI built their DISC assessment on serious science, and their tool is robust and valid.  It’s also fun to learn and use with your team and colleagues in the workplace. In fact, you can use the universal language to better understand customers, competitors and stakeholders. 

At Leadskill we want to share how powerful and flexible this language is.  Two things we can do is help you to experience the TTI tool and to train you on how to unlock its value. If you are a leader of a team or organization and want to understand your own behavior style, we will demonstrate this system to you. The demo includes your own personal assessment along with a short debrief with a coach. You can also have a 30 page ebook packed with practical insight and information on DISC with our compliments.  Leave a few details below and we’ll be in touch soon.

Just curious about DISC and want to learn more about it at your own pace? Check out our Youtube video about it here.

DISC is better with Driving Forces!

Behavior style is not the only part of our human makeup that matters. It’s a starting point for understanding HOW we do things. To go deeper and understand the WHY behind our behavior, explore motivators and driving forces here.


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