The Year Ahead planning workbook



What if you could start your year excited, purposeful and refreshed about what you hope to accomplish? The Year Ahead planning workbook helps you do the three things necessary to make that happen.

Having a plan for the next year is half the battle. Getting to a plan that arises from your personal passion and purpose is the key that so many miss when they start to set goals, make resolutions or develop plans for what’s next.

How do you do that? Our three step process uses 12 guiding questions that help you complete the past year, take stock of your present resources, and make plans for the future that are tied to what you care about the most.

Ron Oltmanns started a personal annual planning routine in 2004 and by 2010 he developed his own workbook that he has used every year since. By posing questions and writing out the answers, you are simultaneously sharpening your thinking, writing your history and authoring your future.

You can follow this process using a Word document/Google doc that you edit yourself or print out the pdf workbook so you can write it out by hand. Check out our offerings on Leadskill to see if you can join a group or class who is working through the workbook at the same time and get some peer encouragement/accountability in the process!

This product pairs well with one of our journals or Ron’s Mindfulness book.



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