The Year Ahead Coaching Group

$50.00 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $100.00 sign-up fee


Where will you be one year from now, and how will it be different from where you are today?

The Year Ahead is a process for writing the script for how the year will be different for you.

If you don’t achieve your goals, it’s likely due to two things that trip most people up.

One is the lack of a plan or clear statement of your goals in the first place. The second is distractions or interruptions.

Getting clear about what you really want to achieve in the year ahead and writing it down is the first important step. Most people never go to the trouble to actually write down their goals. Even fewer take time to have a plan for achieving them. Do this and you’re already in the top 10% of achievers!

A plan alone, unless you take action on it, won’t get you someplace different a year from now.

Taking definite actions toward your goals is critical. Many people start on the path and then something happens. Usually it’s an interruption or distraction. You get sick, or a loved one gets sick. You get busy at work or you lose your job. Perhaps you just get distracted. This is the second thing you have to be prepared for. Instead of focusing on your exciting goals, you get lost in the work it takes to make it happen. This happens to everyone. It’s why good intentions turn into unfulfilled dreams.

The solution to this is support. I failed so miserably at this for years because I tried to set my goals all by myself.

I’m not saying you need someone else to set your goals for you. Definitely not. But setting goals by yourself and not sharing the process (or the goals, for that matter) with anyone else means you lack accountability and support when you most need it.

When distractions rise up or interruptions happen, when life gets complicated–we lose sight of our goals. That’s when it’s helpful to have a little support and a nudge from others who we share the journey with.

That’s what the Year Ahead Coaching Group is all about.

Start the process with others who are going through a similar journey and starting at a similar place. Get some guidance and a little support so that when the interruptions or distractions come up, you’ve got a little help to get back on track.

So what’s involved?

  1. The Year Ahead Startup – using The Year Ahead workbook, in two or three weeks you will create a plan and written statement of what the year ahead will look like for you. In the process you will also review the past and root your work in your own own values and strengths. At the end of the Startup, you’ll have a plan for the year ahead, the first thing missing for most people.  We will have three weekly calls to help you in completing The Year Ahead workbook. If you can’t make all the calls, it’s okay–we’ll have recordings you can listen to as many times as you want.
  2. The Year Ahead Check-in – we need to check-in on our plans with some regularity. Quarterly is good, and monthly is even better if your distractions/interruptions are coming at you fast. Ideally, you should manage yourself weekly, which is something we’ll talk about at the end of the Startup and on the monthly Check-Ins. You choose the level of engagement that you need, and if you want to change it at some point, you have that option!

Included in this program you’ll get a copy of The Year Ahead workbook at no extra charge.

The Year Ahead Startup is $99 and includes three once per week group coaching sessions. We bill it as a setup fee.

The Year Ahead Check-in comes in two formats or options:

Monthly – once per month group coaching sessions $35/month. If it’s not working for you then change to the quarterly option or you can cancel at any time.

Quarterly – once per quarter group coaching sessions $50/quarter. If it’s not working for you then you can cancel at any time.

Getting Ahead weekly email included at no charge!

Ready to get started on your goals and plan?


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