Naming Your Emotions Webinar



How do you build emotional intelligence? A good first step is to start naming your emotions. It is a critical part of building self awareness and learning to manage our own emotional state better. It also gives us a powerful tool for communicating with other people.

In this 90 minute webinar you’ll gain:

  • Better emotional intelligence since naming emotions is a skill that gets better with practice
  • Greater self awareness
  • Leverage for improving your interpersonal relationships – through better communication of what you feel, need and want
  • A technique that reduces stress and helps you respond more calmly

We will learn to use a basic, intermediate and advanced emotions wheel in this workshop. You’ll gain a well-designed organizational system for understanding emotions–both your own and other peoples’.

Starting from 8 core emotions, we’ll build up your emotional vocabulary and demonstrate how to use intermediate and advanced levels of vocabulary building with specially designed word lists.

8 core emotions in a ringFor this webinar we spend 90 minutes scaling from basic to advanced level training in naming emotions. Regardless of your emotional mastery, you will be stretched in this workshop to grow and add on to your level of emotional intelligence.

We use the emotions wheel developed by Dr. Robert Plutchik which has a sound footing in years of psychological and biological research into emotions of humans and animals.

We emphasize practice and mastery in first distinguishing and then naming emotions. We provide tools and training that work for different types of learning whether your strength is visual, spatial or verbal. The live webinar and interaction also allows auditory reinforcement and we provide a recording of the webinar so you can reinforce your learning.

What you can expect to take away from this webinar is understanding, training and rich experiences that will help you continue practicing your emotional mastery over time.

How does the webinar work?

  •  Live 90 minute coaching call with Ron & Angela Oltmanns
  •  Each participant will get their own digital workbook with individual exercises, emotion wheels and an extensive word list (500+ words)
  • You will take part in interactive exercises and group discussions to learn and practice naming emotions better
  • You will have opportunities to share challenges and concerns, and learn how to effectively create space for empathy and compassion in a psychologically safe group coaching environment

How do I know if the webinar will work for me?

Sign up and come for the webinar. Continue to practice the tools and techniques you learn during the following week. If the material and insights you gain do not provide enough value commensurate to what you paid, just request a refund and we will credit it to you with no questions asked! We are very confident that our approach works for people that put it into practice.


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