Emotion Wheel Pillow for naming emotions



All the emotions and words of a feelings wheel in a huggable form! This pillow has what no other does: not just one emotion wheel but two bright and colorful wheels! They aren’t the same either, but feature the full feelings wheel on the front with white background (128 emotions) and the more focused Naming Emotions wheel on the back with dark background (48 emotions).

Some people are overwhelmed with too many words while others want the full range of options to find just the right way to describe what they’re feeling. Instead of two different pillows, you get two in one! The emotion wheel pillow belongs in every home and is not just a striking conversation piece; it’s one of the most useful accessories for any living area.

Every therapist needs a therapy pillow for their professional office as a reference point and an emotional support object for clients.

The soft, machine-washable case is made of polyester with a hidden zipper. The pillow insert retains its shape over time (handwash only).

Available in two jumbo sizes: ~18″x18″ (~45cmX45cm) and ~22″x22″ (~56cmX56cm). There may be minor variances in size as a normal part of fabrication.

This special piece is made with care and needs extra time–allow 2-3 weeks when ordering.

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