Naming Emotions Wheel | Mindfulness Bullet Journal in Harvest Gold | 48 Emotions



This mindfulness notebook puts the Naming Emotions Wheel in the center, designed with the intention to help you name what you are feeling as you journal your thoughts and feelings on paper.

Practice mindfulness and self regulation by writing down what you are feeling in the moment. Naming emotions helps you to manage your feelings. Instead of judging “positive” or “negative” feelings, just name your emotions and treat each one as a gift.

The colorful front cover has 48 emotions. Focus in on the basic emotions or expand your vocabulary with the right word.

Using the basic emotions wheel based on Robert Plutchik, this chart lets you sort out your feelings into helpful categories. Starting with 8 basic emotions near the center of the wheel, we can expand our vocabulary and name our feelings with 12-18 more specific words in the outer two rings as we become more aware of and able to distinguish different emotions. Greater awareness has been proven to lead to greater emotional control.

This is an essential tool for developing emotional intelligence in ourselves and in working with others. See our Youtube videos (Leadskill Channel) for training on how to use this wheel for greater impact.

A great mental health journal for practicing mental wellness.

• Covers with soft-touch coating
• 140 dotted blank pages
• Page weight: 2.62 oz/yd² (89 g/m²)
• Metal wire-O binding
• Size: 5.25″ × 8.25″ (13 × 21 cm)

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