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Why EQ is Not a Passing Fad

Is EQ just a fad? In 1995 Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence changed our thinking about the importance of being smart and how to define it in a new way.

The relevance of this soft skill has only grown since then and become mainstream. Now you’ll often find emotional intelligence listed as a required or desirable quality in job descriptions. But is it time to move on from emotional intelligence and focus on other things?

Being Smart (IQ) is Overrated

The traditional view of intelligence emphasizes memory, logic, reasoning and a dash of creativity. IQ tests try to measure and quantify these things. Sort of.

If you look around you at successful people, many times the most successful are not the smartest. Universities and even world-class companies have realized that we need something more than raw intelligence to thrive.

What Really Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Howard Gardner first challenged the idea of one single intelligence in the 1970’s. His argument was that people can be smart in several different ways.

Emotional intelligence is being aware of and able to manage emotions effectively, both in ourselves and in working with other people. People who can tune in to themselves and others as well as manage their own emotions and influence others are going to be more successful at life than those who don’t.

Is EQ a Fad? Emotions Are Not Going Away

Over 2300 years ago Aristotle wrote in the Nichomachean Ethics about emotions like anger and how to control them. In over two millenia humans have not gotten a lot better at managing their emotions or directing them powerfully with their minds.

Even with the attention we’ve given to emotional intelligence in the last 25+ years, progress is slow for society. The bright spot is that individuals can learn and grow faster than society as a whole. If you want to get ahead and also enjoy your relationships more, become a student of emotional intelligence. Don’t stop learning until you can pass the lessons along to others.

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