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Personal leadership is built on a foundation of self awareness The first step is to work with an expert coach to understand your strengths, tendencies and traps and then set a plan for improvement.

We will look together at the five dimensions of personal leadership, the new big five:  acumen, behavior style, competencies, driving forces and emotional intelligence. We will consider how you prefer to express your behavior and emotions when you are consciously adapting and also when you are at ease. The different ways you are motivated also gets special attention.

A multi-colored wheel divided into five parts with the title New Big 5 and including A-Acumen, B-Behavior Style, C-Competencies, D-Driving Forces, and E-Emotional Intelligence with logos that accompany each scienceYour Personal Leadership Project Coaching starts with an assessment of your big 5: Acumen, Behavior Style, Competencies, Driving Forces and Emotional Intelligence and a guided facilitation over several hours using the TriMetrix HD and EQ assessments by TTI Success Insights.

The New Big 5 is a comprehensive suite of assessments Leadskill has designed to measure your individual EQ, behavior tendencies, motivation, soft skills and thinking pattern. It provides insight into your strengths and areas for improvement in your personal leadership, interpersonal skills, and motivators that drive your behavior.

The assessment is completed through an online survey in which you provide answers in response to questions and complete tasks in about an hour.  When you are finished we analyze your responses and use them to generate a detailed report that provides a comprehensive understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

The TriMetrix report is widely used by executive coaches, HR professionals, and other leadership development experts to help individuals grow and develop as leaders. By providing in-depth insights into your own tendencies, strong preferences and blindspots, the report serves as a foundation for personal and professional growth and development.

The personal leadership project continues with you constructing and then refining your project plan working with your coach. You have the option to continue working with your coach beyond the initial four sessions.


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