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This practical to-the-point guide is full of simple and useful suggestions for starting and staying in a regular practice of mindfulness. It introduces a six-step framework (BREATH) to practice mindfulness meditation on your own or in a group.


Mindfulness meditation reduces stress and helps us manage unruly thoughts while clearing strong emotions.

Mindfulness is simple to practice. The key is to get started and then practice frequently in short stretches of time. This essential guide lays out just how to do that with many suggestions for how to go further and deeper as you practice more.

Research from UCLA and Harvard has proven the many benefits of mindfulness: reducing anxiety and stress, improving emotional control, and calming the mind and spirit. Physical health and sleep can also improve, and the benefits extend to work settings: companies have shown improved communication and work performance while leaders are more empathetic and aware of the environment.

But how do you get started in a mindfulness practice, and what are you supposed to do while you’re just sitting there?

This guide is full of simple and practical suggestions that are built on a six-step framework (BREATH) that you can return to again and again.

Based on his own experiences stumbling on the path of meditating and learning mindfulness, Ron points us to a simple yet powerful practice that embraces all of our current lived experience. While mindfulness helps us get back to basics, our daily lives are complicated and we need a way to connect with all the best parts of ourselves.

Many approaches to meditation draw on the various spiritual traditions that fostered them. These can be helpful for those who belong to those traditions, but they aren’t absolutely essential for the practice of mindfulness. While respectful of the many faith perspectives that use meditation, A Guide to Mindfulness Meditation, gives an actionable plan for leaders of any (or no) faith tradition to practice mindfulness and gain greater awareness of all the things happening inside and around them at any given moment.

Read this guide and then start practicing mindfulness immediately. Go back to the guide and you’ll get fresh insights on another level. After a 30 days of practice that could be as little as 5-10 minutes a day, you’ll be experiencing a new outlook on your daily work and even your approach to life.

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