Leadskill Commercial License for Digital Products


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The Leadskill Commercial License gives you the right to use one product purchased on Leadskill Store in a commercial project of 250 units or less for yourself or a client within the limits stated below.

By purchasing this license, you are granted non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, one-person license to use Leadskill digital files.
All rights, title, interest, copyrights, intellectual rights are retained by Leadskill and Ron Oltmanns.

This license covers use of this product for commercial purposes (for example: using it in up to 5 courses or videos, reproduction in your training material, inclusion in your book, using it in your business or therapy/coaching practice for more than personal purpose or reference, etc.)

Commercial projects in which you use my file as a component are allowed so long as my file is not more than 30% of the finished product. You may not resell or distribute my file “as is” or without incorporating it into your own product, course, video, etc. You may reproduce multiple copies of this image file up to 250 units. For more than 250 copies/products, purchase the Extended Commercial License.

Each Commercial License applies to a SINGLE product. If you want to use several different products in your project, please purchase the Extended Commercial License.

-The digital file/image cannot be resold or redistributed on its own.
-You CANNOT redistribute any files by Leadskill as clipart, printable, altered photo or other digital medium or claim the item as your own for resale in any shape or form.
-An attribution or copyright line should be included below the image. The “www.leadskill.com” tag line is sufficient for attribution if included in the image.
-If this is for your customer’s project and your customer plans to sell products incorporating my design, they need to purchase their own License from my shop.

No document will be sent to you after purchasing this License. Receipt of purchase confirms right for commercial use.

Thank you honoring our work and acknowledging its value through purchase of this commercial license.


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