EMOTIONS STARTER Wheels | Learning Emotions for Emotional Intelligence (24, 32, 48) | Digital Download


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Once you can name your feelings and emotions, you can manage them and gain better control! Starting with the 8 basic emotions (Plutchik’s wheel of emotions), you can learn to distinguish feelings better. Great for teachers, therapists, coaches, counselors, individuals and families.

The colorful and logical arrangement of emotions, based on Plutchik’s theory and using the notion of opposites, makes it easier to pinpoint what you’re feeling and give a name to it. Each wheel is centered on the 8 basic emotions which are arranged in opposite pairs and are based on extensive scientific research. This layout gives you a foundation for naming what you are feeling. The three charts include Learning Emotions (24), Working with Emotions (32), and Naming Emotions (48). These wheels help people learn quickly and expand their working vocabulary of emotions. This is especially helpful in training and coaching settings.*

The printable chart comes in three variations and five total files in the download package. Buying this package saves you money over buying the files separately.

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*Our store has emotions wheels with a spectrum of emotions on them, from 8 to 128. In general, a smaller number of emotions is good for those learning to name their feelings. This set of three wheels is for beginning to intermediate level learners. Advanced learners will also benefit from mastering the focused set of emotions on these wheels. A large wheel with many different feelings on it gives the widest range. For beginners, however, this can be overwhelming or confusing, so be sure to check out our full range of products. If you need help choosing, see our Youtube videos at https://www.youtube.com/c/leadskill


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