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Who we work with

Who you are

A leader, entrepreneur, innovator—you wear many hats, and yet all the labels don’t really describe how you see yourself because you are complex. People look to you for direction. You’re seen as a success. There are endless demands on your time, energy and attention. Too bad there’s only one of you!

What you’re up to

-You are trying to find bold, new and effective ways to impact your marketplace instead of sticking with the tried and true

-You want to make dramatic changes quickly and see some results—a noticeable payoff—within the next 100 days…and make it stick without fading over time

-You really need to unlock the value of the team of people surrounding you…because you aren’t yet performing as a cohesive, high performance team.

Here’s the problem

-You have too many ideas and not enough time to implement them

-Competing views of how to get things done, lack of communication and therefore your overall efforts lack impact and you lose momentum

-Too much talking, not enough listening…to your customers and also within your team.

-You have a strange sense that these are just symptoms and not the core problem. But that means the core problem lies very deep within and is out of reach…

We work with leaders in smaller, more entrepreneurial companies that are growing fast, who are dealing with complexity and rapid change. Having the right leadership in place is crucial to their success.

The fact is we don’t work with the majority of people we encounter. We meet lots of great people who are earnest and want to improve their efforts. When it comes down to it, most of the curious aren’t going to stick with a long-term commitment to continuous improvement. We understand, and we make great efforts to connect them to some resources (people, books, classes) that could be game-changing (and life-changing too) if they’ll apply a little effort.

But if you might be the exception, read on about How We Work and let’s see what is involved.