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LeadSkill Services

The services we offer to growing companies are focused on high-leverage opportunities for growth in the following areas:

Understanding ourselves better through metrics

You and your company are not even close to fulfilling your capacity. We see this all the time. In fact, stress and overwhelm are clear signs that you are overlooking something significant that usually brings greater productivity and satisfaction. When you see your strengths and developmental areas more clearly you are better able to plan realistically and set goals that are achievable but usually beyond what you currently see as possible. We use a suite of powerful tools to accomplish this at the individual, team and organizational level.

Team Audit

Individual Talent Assessment

Organizational Assessment

Culture/Employee Survey

Performing at a higher level

How do successful people and companies keep improving, winning and getting even better? They focus their efforts (not allowing themselves to get spread too thin); they purposefully devote time to learning, training and developing their skills; and they look beyond themselves and learn to leverage resources, develop people, access experts and make better decisions. This can be done in individual or group formats, with structured programs or less formal yet rigorous engagements.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

People Development

Performance Management

Clarifying priorities, strategies and outcomes

The key to high performance is found in clarity, good communication, and strategic thinking. Most companies are amazingly fuzzy about what they say matters greatly to them. What does success look like? How do we lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s success? Where do we start? Having a proven process and good planning tools is necessary, but not enough. You have to use your tools and hone your process through experience until you are truly achieving your dreams and goals-consistently.

Job Study and Benchmarking

Succession Planning

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Quality Process and Management

Learning to self-correct and thrive

Changes around us keep accelerating, threatening to leave us unprepared for what’s next. In times like this, we have to consider major changes to our business model, our strategic direction and how we engage our best people. Most businesses are not ready for the future nor willing to prepare for it until a crisis occurs. Making the call to implement wide-scale changes is not for the faint of heart, but it is the stuff that great leadership is made of.

Culture Change Initiative

Develop Your Top Talent™

Innovation and Wide Open Space

The place to start investigating these services is in a no-obligation conversation with us about your needs and if we see a potential for mutually beneficial work together. We often refer people on to other professionals or programs that we believe can give them the help they’re looking for. Give us a call or provide a little information so we can get in touch with you.