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We're All Trying to Master Something

Whether it’s a skill, a passion or a hobby that you really want to learn well, I say we’re all trying to master something.

  • Making money or managing investments and wealth
  • Relationships, family or a sense of community
  • Writing, speaking, coding, singing, painting, design, playing an instrument
  • Health and fitness, a sport, an outdoor pursuit like rock-climbing or outback camping, skydiving or flying
  • Meditation, martial arts, or spiritual depth
  • Something else outside the mainstream that puts you in the 1% club

What is important enough to you that you need to master it, and nothing short of mastery will do?

I ask myself that question occasionally to check if I’m spending time on the things that really matter. In fact, a lot of the things in the lists above are things I’ve either worked on, mastered or I’m currently practicing toward mastery.

Mastery is a newsletter for people who are actively practicing and striving toward mastery in at least one area. It’s something that’s personally important to you.  I say the pursuit of mastery itself makes you a leader. Some people are fine with that while others wouldn’t call themself a leader. But if you’re striving toward mastery, you’re on a leadership journey whether you recognize it or not.

I write and send out Mastery, usually weekly, to a focused group of people. I offer tips and encouragement on the path of mastery, especially on topics of growing self-awareness, keeping a clear purpose in your practice, and exercising leadership creatively.

If this is you, come and join us on the journey. You can always pause or unsubscribe, and I regularly send out a re-up email if you haven’t read or responded in a long time to make sure you want to keep hearing from me. Let’s get started!