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How we work

What can you expect from working with Leadskill? Our approach can be summed up in a phrase you will see when working with us: Develop your top talent. We invite you to learn more about what that means and see how our clients gain a distinct advantage out of our work together.


Let’s begin by getting clear about business and people: Not all business is personal. Many people have a very impersonal experience with businesses every day. They take part in transactions, they buy things or services. There’s very little else involved. But we maintain that business is at its best when it is very personal. We see that in action when people care, when positive energy is given and received, where people feel valued and positive value is received as a part of doing business. It’s also present when customers connect to a brand, when employees are proud of their company and take personal responsibility for what happens around them, when a positive culture exists and is nurtured.


Because we believe that good business is personal, we help companies develop top talent on three levels. First, the leader sets an example and makes a personal commitment to develop themselves. We only work with motivated individuals who want to develop their own talents and leverage their strengths. We have found that these leaders want to make sure their weak areas and blind spots don’t get in the way of long-term success.


On another level, good businesses focus on what they do really well, what makes them positively different in the marketplace. There are many different ways to describe this–core competency, brand promise, value proposition are a few examples. It is crucial that a company knows their top talent as an enterprise and lives it every day. A company must focus on what it does best and choose to hone this, to truly develop their top talent.


A third way that good businesses get personal is they literally focus on developing their people—the talent of their team which is responsible for producing results for customers. Many companies only pay lip-service to this principle by asserting “Our people are our most important asset”, but then they contradict this by the way they treat their employees. Even companies that invest in their people through training, team-building and generous benefits often fail to connect this to an overall strategic approach that ensures market leadership, excellent customer service, and measurable quality outcomes.


How do we do this? We take a customized approach for each client that usually includes the elements of “Assess, Plan, Train, Coach, Measure.” A keystone of our work is our focus on measurable results, accountability and business impact.

We begin by assessing personal talents, aspirations, behaviors, motivators and personal skills. People often learn more about themselves in the first 4-6 weeks working with us than they have in the previous 10 years! Next, we work with clients to craft a plan of action that is doable, desirable and inspiring. Producing better quality results usually requires learning some new skills and often un-learning some bad habits, which is what we focus on in the training phase.


Every individual involved works on their own personal development plan that provides shape and focus to the coaching that follows. Coaching as a key internal capacity for the organization helps people stay focused, energized and makes learning and performance meaningful. Measurement provides opportunities to mark progress and developmental milestones at pre-determined points on the path to fulfilling the plan we have committed to. At this point the company begins the cycle again using methods, skills and experience gained in the initial cycle as they tackle newly defined objectives with a self-sustaining development capability in place for ongoing success.


From our work together you can expect a measurable increase in your business impact, better teamwork from your people and a stronger culture that makes your company a desirable place to work.


You know what we stand for and what you can expect out of working with us. You might be wondering, “How do they do that?” Go to the Our Services page to learn about the specific services and programs we use in our work.