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We welcome hearing from you and prefer an email to make initial contact.

Once you contact us we’ll reply and set up a time to discuss your company’s needs and our services and determine together the best way to proceed. I welcome hearing from you with:

  • Your questions about our services or products: we’ll get back to you quickly
  • Suggestions for improvement: Tell me your thoughts about the website, articles, broken links, and anything else you notice.

I really do welcome the feedback.

Did you get dropped from our subscriber list? It sometimes happens. Spam filters are making it harder for email to get through. Please first check to make sure your ISP is accepting email from leadskill.com, enter the domain in your address book, then re-subscribe by clicking here.

For links to recommended products, go here.

If you would like to schedule a speaking engagement or a workshop, you may call during business hours at 1-281-746-8956, US Central Time (9am-5pm) and speak with us.  If you want to talk with Ron call 1-281-746-8956 or skype ron.oltmanns.  Otherwise, the form below is the best communication method. I use a form instead of an email link to outsmart the spam-bots but if you prefer, my direct email is ron @ leadskill.com (remove the spaces).