Steve Morris

Steve Morris is committed to helping organizations create and implement cultures of accountability to develop superior business performance.  He has a broad background in the leadership and development of many businesses working as a successful hands-on owner, leader, manager and active investor in more than 20 distinct industries. He spent three years in the private equity business leading turnarounds and startups. He was president of a trade organization and lobbied in Washington DC.

Over the last 12 years Steve has focused on helping organizations create accountable cultures. He co-authored with his wife and partner Jill Morris  Leadership Simple – Leading People to Lead Themselves.  In addition to collaborating on special projects with Leadskill, Steve and his partners at ChoiceWorks Inc. apply a long term comprehensive step by step process that integrates organizational assessment, planning, and action with training, coaching, and systems design. Each accountability program is tied to a specific and practical business result so Steve’s clients achieve their goals, overcome operational challenges, and learn new ways of thinking and behavior while the culture shifts to higher performance.

Steve is from New York City and attended Long Island University.  Steve is a certified behavior and values analyst as well as an expert in Axiology, the science of values, and continually refines his skills and processes by furthering his education.  Steve was certified in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management by the William Glasser Institute in 1997.

Steve is based in San Diego, California.

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