Executive Leadership

Ron Oltmanns

Ron is the founder and President of LeadSkill and a successful business consultant who brings a strong intellectual curiosity and appreciative inquiry to his work.

He has worked with over a thousand entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate executives and managers, and sales professionals in the areas of marketing, sales, employee management, strategy and business mission, and personal career development.

Ron has worked in an executive coaching firm, taught at a university, run a computer services business, helped set up a university student non-profit outreach in Singapore, and as a youth worked in his father’s business. He has fallen flat in some business and non-profit efforts and thrived in others—all have provided valuable lessons.

A life-long learner, Ron received his bachelors and masters degree from Abilene Christian University. He graduated with coach training from Coach University, studied languages at Goethe Institut (German) and the National University of Singapore (Mandarin Chinese).

Ron lives in Shanghai, China.

Angela Oltmanns

Angela Oltmanns is the COO of LeadSkill and an expert in personal and organizational effectiveness.  A native of Singapore, she has worked as a researcher, tv producer, in sales and in a number of creative pursuits.  She was raised in an entrepreneurial family and has lived the life of an entrepreneur over the past 17 years.  Angela has a special passion for ontological work and leadership coaching.

Angela graduated from the National University of Singapore with a bachelors degree in English and History.  She earned an honours degree from NUS in History.  She also completed coach training at Coach University.

As a creative learner, Angela has written a book, painted, learned cello and creates her own fashion designs.  She enjoys teaching her sons Chinese and piano at home two days a week.

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