Carol Gaffney

Whether in the boardroom or the locker room, Dr. Carol’s clients develop strong mental game habits which integrate skills, transform interactions, improve decision making, increase success and enjoyment. They help clients be their game.

Carol Gaffney consults on the people side of business within organizations including selection, communication, stress management, team productivity, employee engagement and leadership development. Dr. Gaffney is particularly skilled at small group interaction and development at the senior level.

In addition to consulting within business, Dr. Gaffney works in education and sports.   She consults with schools and universities to improve faculty teamwork, student engagement and learning, and she provides athletes and coaches at all levels with the tools and guidance needed to become their personal best. It’s often said that 90% of the game is mental yet most sports development time is in physical, skill and tactical areas.  Dr. Gaffney provides insight into the thinking and emotional patterns that affect performance and then provides the strategies and coaching to unlock potential.

In addition to collaborating on special projects with Leadskill, Dr. Gaffney is a licensed Psychologist, Certified Axiological Practitioner, Sports Axiologist, Behavioral and Values Analyst, has studied at the Mind/Body Center with Dr. Herbert Benson and is the developer of Behavioral Intelligence.

Carol is based in Barrington, Rhode Island.

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